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What to Wear

    Things to consider when selecting a wardrobe for your session:

    Think about the setting that your photos will be taken and consider what style would seem most appropriate.  Nature settings are best with a more casual look while urban sessions are best with a more hip, stylish look.

    Be comfortable and keep it simple are two easy rules when choosing clothing options.  Bright colors are always great but try to steer clear of large logos or busy patterns!  Funky tights, textured hats, or simply bare feet are always fabulous choices.  Clothing changes are always welcome.

    For family sessions remember you don't have to match perfectly.  Pick 2-4 colors that you would like in your photos.  Start with the little kids.  Sometimes its the easiest to put the little ones in colors and patterns!  Then build around this color palatte. 

    Once you have the kids outfits picked out, move on the rest of the family.  Wear something that you feel comfortable wearing that also stays within the color palatte of the kids wardrobe. Having some of you in patterns and some in solid colors look the best.  I also encouraged the spouse groups to coordinate their outfits so that we could get some couples images too.

    I am here to capture a moment in your life, it is not my style to have everyone look at the camera and say cheese.

    Newborns are photgraphed best the way we love them best, in their "birthday suits".  They tend to get swallowed up in diapers and clothes.  Although a simple onesie or hat and booties are also great options.  Please note the best time to photograph newborns is during the first 1-3 weeks after birth because they are extra sleepy and still so tiny.

    Feel free to bring a favorite big bowl, vintage chair, or any other prop you would like to see your baby posed in or with.  Also, consider bringing any blankets with nice textures and colors.  I always encourage mom and dad to be in the pictures.  Also:  Naked babies pee and poop.  Consider bringing a change of clothes for you and several diapers for baby.

    Maternity photos should be taken around 32-34 weeks.  For maternity sessions, the most important thing is that your belly be free of indentions.  Try not to wear tight-fitting elastic or jeans for a few hours before your session.  Feel free to bring your favorite maternity outfits.  Jeans don't have to button and bare bellies are gorgeous.  I also have lots of sheer fabric that can be used to drape the belly.  A list of things to consider bringing include: nude strapless bra and panties, lingerie, and one or two really special items from your closet like a large-brimmed hat, a pair of cowboy boots, or your husband's favorite heels.To me clothing plays a vital role in a shoot and it really is worth taking time to plan it fully.

    I've posted some ideas in my "What to Wear Wednesday" sections.  Please feel free to view for some additional ideas.